Sunday, July 27, 2014

Two Stars and a Wish Two Stars and a Wish

Hello friends!  This week I am joining my blogging buddies for a Two Stars and a Wish link up party!

This was a fabulous idea and I knew with the BTS season in swing I had to join in!  This link up is going to include Two Star BTS Ideas and a Wish for my BTS season!

Let's Get Started!

Lesson Plans are probably my biggest dread each week!  Last year I realized that many bloggers were doing visual lesson plans!  I this could really make lesson planning more fun for me!  It was also a great way to keep up with exactly what product or resource I was pulling from!  To do visual lesson plans you simply need a digital lesson plan layout and then screen shots of the resources you will be using.  For resources that were not digital, I took a picture of the resource and then just cropped the picture in preview and added it to my lesson plan template in Power Point!  All of a sudden, lesson plans were quick and easy and I could print them out and put into my binder for quick reference!  There were a lot of times that I didn't have time to "READ" the detailed lesson plans I had written out and I needed to just glance at a picture of the cover on my visual plans and I remembered exactly what I was supposed to be working on!  FABULOUS TIME SAVER and well let's just admit it...we all love looking at those fabulous visual plans that others share on their blogs!  


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Organization is something that I strive for but always struggle with!  I don't know how many times I have tried to keep up with all my materials in my small groups!  Well let me tell you Pinterest is full of ideas but one of my favorites comes from Mel D. over at Seusstastic Classroom Inpirations!  

This girl has it going on now!  You really should check out the amazing ideas from Mel D. for keeping your Guided Reading Groups organized!  AMAZING! 

But don't hop over there just yet!  KEEP READING!

One wish?  That is all...well I wish for world peace! OK..I know that isn't the focus of this post...well then I wish for every teacher to walk into calm, smiling and energetic faces the first day of school with no issues and no DRAMA!  I wish that all teachers were prepared for for the first day with all their lesson plans ready and materials ready.  I WISH that SUMMER WASN'T ALMOST OVER!

Here's dreaming right!  Well I do have a wish for myself and a goal this year starting with BTS!  I am wishing that I am able to have my visual lesson plans done early each week for the following week and they are cute yet functional and ready to help me stay organized!  I am off to a good start.  I want all those who want to jump into visual lesson plans to get off on the right foot as well so please visit my store and download this amazing FREEBIE Digital Template for your visual lesson plans! Just add text boxes where you need them and get started inserting those images of resources!  


Should you want an entire EDITABLE Planner to do your visual lesson plans and keep other important classroom information check out my Teacher Lesson Planners!  Lots of themes and colors!

I hope that everyone has a great Back to School!  If you enjoyed this amazing link up and these amazing ideas please join me on Facebook, Instagram and TpT for more fabulous resources!

Please join me and my fellow bloggers and check below for some more FABULOUS Back 2 School Ideas!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Showoff Saturday Showoff Saturday

Good morning friends!  Yes I said Good Morning!  I am up early this morning and actually on time with this week's Showoff Saturday!

Let me just say I never imagined how popular this little gem would be!  You all were awesome last week and really showed Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard some love!  Thanks for all the participation and congratulations to the winner! 

This week we are going to be taking a look at probably my VERY BEST TEACHER FRIEND on the planet!  She and I have known each other for about a year and a half online and finally got to meet in person a few weeks ago in VEGAS!  OMG we are like two peas in a pod!  Both Southern Girls and SWEET TEA DRINKERS!  It can't get any better!

Meet Valerie from Georgia Grown Kiddos!!!  She was kind enough to shoot over her R-Controlled Vowel Set for me to review!  Peeps this pack is FABULOUS like a a ice cold glass of Southern Sweet Tea on a 104 degree day!  Man...I love it!  Well I could type all day about it but why don't I just let the video do the talking!  Be sure you hang around and sign up after the video for a chance to win this wonderful resource delivered to your door ready to go into your classroom!  Should you want this pack NOW or you really want it digitally as well just follow the link to Valerie's TpT Store where you can purchase it!  Ready....Set.....ACTION!!!!

R-Controlled Vowel Pack in Valerie's Store

Remember to check back Next Week for all the new features!  Also, I will be blogging tomorrow and joining some of my blogging friends in a blogging hop that you will not want to miss!

Come back tomorrow for the big HOP!  Thanks friends!  

Remember to watch my FB page for updates to see what is coming up on Mrs. Shipley's Classroom!  

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Sunday:  A DAY TO REST (but I announce weekly winners this day)

See ya on the flip side!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WBT Wednesday: Super Speed Sight Words WBT Wednesday: Super Speed Sight Words

I know...I can read your thought bubbles!  IT IS ABOUT TIME WOMAN!  I am so sorry this was delayed but alas I can't control YouTube and it's processing of videos!

Ok.....Welcome to another edition of WBT WEDNESDAY with Mrs. Shipley!

This week I am answering the question "How do you do Super Speed Sight Words in your class?"  Well here ya go!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuned in Tuesday--Guided Reading WBT STYLE! Tuned in Tuesday--Guided Reading WBT STYLE!

Welcome back everyone for another addition of Tuned In Tuesday!  This is a day when I take a popular item from my store and review it on video!  Each Tuesday I will also be giving away a copy of the item (digitally--sometimes hard copy).

This week we will take a look at my Guided Reading: WBT STYLE pack available in my TpT store and a little of how I do Guided Reading using WBT!

BONUS:  This pack is 20% off through Wednesday night in my store!  Also,  you are going to want to watch to the end of the video for a chance to WIN this pack with a "kick"!

Here it is!  Enjoy!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Winner Winner Winner Winner

Just a quick Sunday note to announce this weeks winners for the giveaways!  Drumroll please....

Stephanie was the winner of the TpT Planner of her choice from my store and Ann won the fabulous ready to go pack from Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

Congrats ladies!  I have emailed both the winners!  Can't wait for you to get your prize!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hey there everyone!  Thanks for joining us for another round of BRIGHT IDEAS!

Have I mentioned how much I love this Link Up!  I get so many great ideas from my favorite bloggy buddies!  Be sure you visit their pages for more Bright Ideas for the classroom in the Link Up below!

Lets do this!  This month I am going to share the very same topic I used on my WBT Wednesday this week!  It just so happens that it was what I had already signed up for as my topic for the Bright Ideas Link Up!  

Whole Brain Teaching Scoreboard

The scoreboard is the backbone for WBT Classroom Management!  There are other levels, BIG BACK POCKET as we say in WBT, but the Scoreboard is the foundation!  I have used the other levels from year to year with great success but was so stoked when this past year the only thing I had for classroom management was the Scoreboard and the Super Improver Team (a whole other post).

So what do you do when you travel or when you do small groups?  This is a question I get asked so often and here is my answer!  PORTABLE SCOREBOARDS!  A simple laminated card hung on my neck!  Here is a great picture from some WBT friends over at Prayers and Purple Elephants.

How cute is that!  You can go to TpT and search WBT Scoreboard and come up with some amazing resources!  Just print them multiple copies to a page to get them smaller...laminate...and hang from a lanyard!  VIOLA!!!  Portable scoreboard!  Then when you rotate groups, come back from outside the classroom, or whatever, just transfer the points to the BIG SCOREBOARD in the room!  FABULOUS! 

If you enjoyed this Bright Idea please consider joining me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more great ideas!

For more bright ideas from more than 80 bloggers, please browse through the link up below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you!  Thanks for visiting!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Show off Saturday--A Day Early Show off Saturday--A Day Early

Hey guys!  Well here it is!  The much anticipated Showoff Saturday--A DAY EARLY!  This week it is a day early due to the Bright Ideas Link Up that is scheduled for tomorrow!  Be sure and come back so you can get amazing ideas for the classroom from all my favorite blogging buddies!

This week I am featuring Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

I have known Greg for a little over 2 years online and it was fabulous to meet him in person finally in Vegas.  People he is just as fabulous in person as he is online!  LOVE HIM!

Greg and I teamed up to do his Friday Friends and my Saturday Showoff!  What a pair!  I think we are too much energy for one FRIDAY to handle!  Greg is having surgery today (as of the post he is home resting comfortably) and I want us all to wish him a speedy recovery before school starts.

Well here it is!  This fabulous product can be found in his store by clicking HERE!

However, as I stated Saturday Showoff is all about showing you a product and then giving it away to ONE LUCKY WINNER for FREE!  ABSOLUTELY FREE!  It will come in the mail to one lucky winner ready to take into your classroom and use!  No printing, no laminating, and NO CUTTING!  WOW OH WOW!  So here is the video!  ENJOY!
Also don't forget to enter to win!  This fabulous product could be yours!  Good Luck!
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