Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuned in Tuesday--Guided Reading WBT STYLE! Tuned in Tuesday--Guided Reading WBT STYLE!

Welcome back everyone for another addition of Tuned In Tuesday!  This is a day when I take a popular item from my store and review it on video!  Each Tuesday I will also be giving away a copy of the item (digitally--sometimes hard copy).

This week we will take a look at my Guided Reading: WBT STYLE pack available in my TpT store and a little of how I do Guided Reading using WBT!

BONUS:  This pack is 20% off through Wednesday night in my store!  Also,  you are going to want to watch to the end of the video for a chance to WIN this pack with a "kick"!

Here it is!  Enjoy!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Winner Winner Winner Winner

Just a quick Sunday note to announce this weeks winners for the giveaways!  Drumroll please....

Stephanie was the winner of the TpT Planner of her choice from my store and Ann won the fabulous ready to go pack from Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

Congrats ladies!  I have emailed both the winners!  Can't wait for you to get your prize!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hey there everyone!  Thanks for joining us for another round of BRIGHT IDEAS!

Have I mentioned how much I love this Link Up!  I get so many great ideas from my favorite bloggy buddies!  Be sure you visit their pages for more Bright Ideas for the classroom in the Link Up below!

Lets do this!  This month I am going to share the very same topic I used on my WBT Wednesday this week!  It just so happens that it was what I had already signed up for as my topic for the Bright Ideas Link Up!  

Whole Brain Teaching Scoreboard

The scoreboard is the backbone for WBT Classroom Management!  There are other levels, BIG BACK POCKET as we say in WBT, but the Scoreboard is the foundation!  I have used the other levels from year to year with great success but was so stoked when this past year the only thing I had for classroom management was the Scoreboard and the Super Improver Team (a whole other post).

So what do you do when you travel or when you do small groups?  This is a question I get asked so often and here is my answer!  PORTABLE SCOREBOARDS!  A simple laminated card hung on my neck!  Here is a great picture from some WBT friends over at Prayers and Purple Elephants.

How cute is that!  You can go to TpT and search WBT Scoreboard and come up with some amazing resources!  Just print them multiple copies to a page to get them smaller...laminate...and hang from a lanyard!  VIOLA!!!  Portable scoreboard!  Then when you rotate groups, come back from outside the classroom, or whatever, just transfer the points to the BIG SCOREBOARD in the room!  FABULOUS! 

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For more bright ideas from more than 80 bloggers, please browse through the link up below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you!  Thanks for visiting!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Show off Saturday--A Day Early Show off Saturday--A Day Early

Hey guys!  Well here it is!  The much anticipated Showoff Saturday--A DAY EARLY!  This week it is a day early due to the Bright Ideas Link Up that is scheduled for tomorrow!  Be sure and come back so you can get amazing ideas for the classroom from all my favorite blogging buddies!

This week I am featuring Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

I have known Greg for a little over 2 years online and it was fabulous to meet him in person finally in Vegas.  People he is just as fabulous in person as he is online!  LOVE HIM!

Greg and I teamed up to do his Friday Friends and my Saturday Showoff!  What a pair!  I think we are too much energy for one FRIDAY to handle!  Greg is having surgery today (as of the post he is home resting comfortably) and I want us all to wish him a speedy recovery before school starts.

Well here it is!  This fabulous product can be found in his store by clicking HERE!

However, as I stated Saturday Showoff is all about showing you a product and then giving it away to ONE LUCKY WINNER for FREE!  ABSOLUTELY FREE!  It will come in the mail to one lucky winner ready to take into your classroom and use!  No printing, no laminating, and NO CUTTING!  WOW OH WOW!  So here is the video!  ENJOY!
Also don't forget to enter to win!  This fabulous product could be yours!  Good Luck!
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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Well I am not sure what happened yesterday!  I had this blog post all written up and for some reason it didn't publish!  I got on this morning to start my Thrifty Thursday Post and low and behold there sat my WBT Wednesday Post in the DRAFTS!  I am so sorry!  I know some of you were waiting for it!  So without further delay...

Welcome to:

This is going to be a weekly post where I answer some of your questions about WBT!  Should you have a question please fill out the form HERE to submit your questions!  

Ok...so let's get to it!  This week we have a question all the way from Canada!  Lizzy is a 3rd grade teacher and wants to know "I have multiple classes that I teach and I have to take them outside the classroom many times during the period, whether it be to the computer lab or library, we are constantly leaving the classroom.  How do you keep track of the scoreboard when you aren't even in the classroom?"

Well Lizzy, and all you out there who wonder the same thing, that is a GREAT question!  I get asked this a lot at conferences and here is the solution.  It seems so simple but trust me...I didn't think of it!  I wish I had but I didn't!  A PORTABLE SCOREBOARD!  Now if you were lucky enough to get the APP from the iTUNES app store before the last update on the iPad....AND your app is still working...well then there ya go.  A portable scoreboard in your hand!!  Mine still works...for some reason...but I keep waiting for the day that it doesn't!  

If yours has stopped working or you find yourself not lucky enough to have it then try this:

Now I am probably going to freak out the authors over at Prayers and Purple Elephants but I loved their post so much and HOW DARN CUTE ARE THESE LITTLE FREEBIES!  

So I would use something like this while I was out of the classroom, or on a field trip, or really anytime I am away from my permanent scoreboard.  Once we are back in the room I would simply transfer the points to the BIG board and if need be do a little rules practice or PING PONGING of the scoreboard to get it back within the +/- 3 rule.  Easy Peasy!

A little side note: Probably my favorite color in the whole world is PURPLE!  GET A LOOK AT HER CLASSROOM YALL!  OMG I would be in PURPLE ELEPHANT HEAVEN!

Ok...well that is it for WBT Wednesday with Mrs. Shipley!  Just taking your questions and answering them!  Be sure if you have a post about WBT you link up below!  I want to read all the amazing stuff out there that our interns and others are writing about how WBT has changed their passion for teaching!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuned In Tuesday Tuned In Tuesday

WOW!  Since getting home from Vegas so many wonderful things have happened!  First and foremost let me announce an upcoming conference!  I will be hosting a 2 Day intense workshop on Whole Brain Teaching Classroom Management and Whole Brain Teaching Writing!

This conference will be held at:

Bennett Elementary
101 Donald Preston Dr.
Wolfforth, Texas 79382

To register for this conference please follow the link below!!!  I hope to meet a lot of new faces and see a lot of familiar faces there!  Come get your WIB on with me and some of the interns!  It is going to be a blast!  Oh...Did I mention it was FREE!!!!  Yep...just get yourself here and find a place to stay!  The conference is FREE---FREE---FREE!!!!


I mentioned on my Facebook page a really exciting event coming to Mrs. Shipley's Classroom!  OH BOY I AM SO EXCITED!  SATURDAY SHOWOFF is coming and you are not going to want to miss it!  Tell your friends and tell your friends to tell their friends!

Ok...so why are you here on a Tuesday (well actually you are probably here on a Wednesday because it took forever for the video to upload to YouTube and I couldn't post until it was up!  I want to welcome you to:

Every Tuesday (with all the stars aligned and teenagers willing) I will be posting a video of a product from my store!  It will be created and ready to use so you can see what the finished product looks like and I will also take this time to explain a little on how to use the product!  
First up!  My TPT and BLOG Planner!

I am not sure why the image is backwards on the video...I haven't quite figured that one out!  I also forgot to mention that I added these cool pockets to the inside front and back cover to hold my pens...I love Flair Pens...as well as hold receipts and other little notes I need to keep up with in the front!

I hope you enjoyed this little installment of Tuned In Tuesday!  If you would like to purchase the planner featured click here!  There are other themes available as well!  Check them out while you are there!

Check out the giveaway!  This giveaway will be for a TpT/Blog Planner of your choice from my store!  There are several designs to choose from!  Enter to win and good luck!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

7 Things I learned in Vegas 7 Things I learned in Vegas

The lights have faded and the shrieks of all my teacher blogging buddies have silenced.  Oh who am I kidding...the shrieks were mine, however they have silenced.  Primarily because I have no voice left.  FOR REAL PEOPLE!  I screamed A LOT when I saw people I have been blogging with for the past 3 years.  It was such an experience.  You make friends online and often people tell you that they are not real friends.  Well let me tell you....THESE PEOPLE ARE REAL!  

I had a pretty amazing trip to Vegas to attend the blogger meet ups and grade-level meet ups and then the creme de la creme...THE TPT SELLERS SUCCESS CONFERENCE!  Those little parts were amazing, overwhelming, and exhausting.  While the trip did find new friends, old friends, and friends I didn't even know could be friends, it also led to some disappointment but I will talk about that in a bit.  

I wanted to come back and blog about my time in Vegas as we all do!  But I didn't want it to just be another blog about "LOOK AT ME" and "LOOK WHAT I DID" and "DON'T YOU WISH YOU COULD BE THERE?".  Vegas was a learning experience for me personally, spiritually and professionally!  That is what I want to share!  So Here my friends are the 7 BIG LESSONS I LEARNED IN VEGAS!

1.  Sellers on TpT need to stay humble.

Now that sounds like a no brainer right?  Well let me tell you, while there were some amazing TpT colleagues I met at the conference who were down right the sweetest things EVER, there were some that I had been "friends with" online for a couple years that totally surprised me.  I was SHOCKED y'all!  I could not believe some of the very same people that I had prayed for, encouraged when they were down or having a bad day (along with a bunch of others in our little FB groups) acted like I was a FAN?  I am not a FAN?  I am your friend...or I thought I was.  I actually had a seller ask me if I was there to take a picture with her!!!  OMG..Seriously?  Apparently I used that term too loosely!  I am a friend to everyone...I just love people!  Some of my biggest inspirations were just rude...really y'all..just rude.  Now I know I am not the only one that thought this but I will probably be the only one brave enough to actually say it!

Now some may have read to this point and thought...so you got your bubble burst and now your feelings are hurt..OH YOU POOR BABY!  Nope..not at all!  Here is where the humble part comes in!  See, some of my colleagues that I met in real life for the first time are ALSO some of the very same stores I SPEND ALL MY MONEY IN!  MY HARD EARNED MONEY!  So...having said that...while I might be a colleague I am ALSO A CONSUMER!  And quite frankly, if you are not as pretty on the INSIDE as you are on the OUTSIDE...I would rather spend my money somewhere else. I would rather spend my money on a store that is just starting up and perhaps has a resource that isn't over the top fabulous but gets the job done just simply because the person behind the store is an absolute beautiful person INSIDE!  Yep...I am all about customer service and treating people the way you want to be treated.  

Some of the humble peeps I met!  These guys are amazing!  Paul is AMAZING GUYS!  
Teachers Empowering Teachers!!!

Top:  Paul Edelman Founder of TpT (yes I am crying) Left Bottom: TpT Amy and I Right Bottom: TpT Karen and I

Nikki from Melonheadz!  I LOVE HER!  Talk about humble!  She is amazing!

So...my TpT mantra...STAY HUMBLE! Just remember that your first cha ching came from someone like me!  Last time I checked, we are all in this together and all in the same boat trying to make our classrooms better for our students.  So the I KNOW IT ALL, I AM POPULAR, I DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE WHAT I SAY attitude needs to disappear.  It's not flattering at all and there are a few sellers who have lost my business!  It might be a drop in the bucket to your sales over all but it is important.  

Mr. Mustache (but to me he is just Greg)!  My friend and colleague!  LOVE THIS MAN!

To quote Deanna Jump (and I cried when I met her...yep TRUE STORY), "That cha ching might be coming from a single mom who is using her last 5 dollars of grocery money to buy your product!"  Which leads me to my 2nd lesson!

2.  Appreciate EVERYONE and EVERY "Cha Ching"

While there were some that turned me inside out with their attitudes, there were some AMAZING PEOPLE that I finally got to meet as well!  Many of you know who Jen Jones is from Hello Literacy!  People let me tell you!  If you want to see the poster girl for professionalism, business smarts, mixed with a little sass...JEN JONES IS YOUR GIRL!  I was blown away!  She is BRILLIANT!  She was the first session I attended and I left with so much marketing information that my head was spinning! 

She is not only the most amazing business woman I have ever met but SHE KNEW WHO I WAS!  Seriously!  I walked up to her to shake her hand and thank her for sharing all her information and she said "HEY FARRAH!"  Now I thought it was because I had my name tag on but NOPE..I had set it down on my chair with my stuff (strap was rubbing my neck bad) and she just knew who I was!  Now people, I am not saying that you should have every customer memorized and I am sure she knew me from a few groups we are in on FB together.  But that personal smile and then chatting with me afterwards and taking the time to share even more and encourage me to do some things differently.  THAT IS WHAT BEING HUMBLE and INSPIRING is all about!  Jen might be my new FAVORITE SELLER on TpT!  

3.  Rachel Lynette is a Feisty Genius!

The next session I attended was Rachel Lynette from Minds in Bloom!  People she is a genius as well!  Did you know that TpT only has 1 MILLIONAIRE TEACHER right now?  Yep, you guessed it, Deanna Jump (who is as humble as they come)!  Well, that will change in a few weeks when Rachel Lynette joins her!  How bout that!  That is awesome and was an announce that Paul made during his keynote address!  People, again, Rachel is the one of the most humble people I know!  She is just amazing!  I love her task cards (I have featured them here before) and I love her!  She shared such amazing business advice in her session.  And to top it all off...we went to dinner that night and she was just another one of the teachers!  It was fabulous!  AMAZING WOMAN!

4.  If you are not willing to do the work, there is someone else who will.

Probably the most amazing advice I got all weekend was this right here!  I heard a lot of advice about hard work and sticking with it.  However, I also heard some say I will do and say what I want and if they don't like it OH WELL!  Actually I should probably put that in quotes since those are the exact words I heard...anyways.  Here's the deal, as a teacher entrepreneur I try to remember that I represent not only my name and my reputation but the reputation of TpT as well.  If you are not willing to do something or be humble, there is someone else who will!  In the end, it will be those willing to do the work and willing to have great customer service who will sustain!  TpT is not a get rich quick scheme!  You might make a few dollars, you might even shoot up to the top really fast and make a huge amount of money fast.  But ugly attitudes and bad customer service will ruin that!  Mmmmm...what comes before the fall?  Just saying'!

5.  My family comes first! 

Oh my goodness!  Have you met Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade?  She is a fellow Texan that is just precious!  She said it...my family comes first!  Business is business but my family comes first!  How important is this advice especially when you have small children.  I am at a point in my life where my children are in high school and college so time with mom is not needed (actually not wanted) as much!  Friends take over and I am left to my own a lot!  However, on those rare occasions when my teenagers (and college student) need me for something, the computer will get shut off and I will not work!  I can always come back to it!  Let's be honest, we can't do this teaching thing, this TpT thing, or this blogging thing without the support of our families!  Well I guess you can but you won't be doing it long!  I love my family and love that they give me the support I need to do all the crazy stuff I do!  Whether it be a Whole Brain Teaching conference or a trip to Vegas to hang with my blogging buds.  The biggest help and support comes from my husband or daughter cooking dinner or doing laundry when I have the finishing touches to put on a product!  My family ROCKS!  I think Cara gave me the $250.00 worth of information right there!  So thank you Cara!  You ROCK!

My son took his mama to the airport!  Got up early and everything!  I love him!  I must have done something right!

6.  There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

People I got to Vegas on Tuesday...went home on Saturday!  TOO LONG!  LOL!  That is way too much time in VEGAS and I was ready to be home!

7.  Teacher SWAG is amazing!

From Go Noodle to Scentos!  I cleaned up in Vegas! Thank you to all the sponsors for the TpT meet up and just all the vendors in the VENDOR Area that were sharing all their goodies!  I made some pretty amazing connections and should have some amazing product giveaways coming this way for all of my readers!  Friends you are going to love some of the wonderful stuff that I hope to give away!  WOOO HOOOO!

Ok I know that was a long post and if you stuck with me through it then you are just AMAZING!  I learned A LOT in Vegas...good and bad but it was by far the most amazing experience!  I made awesome friends with people I don't think I would have made just online!  These girls ROCK!  ROOMIES in VEGAS!

From Left to Right:  Cheryl from Crayons and Curls , Me, Katie from Keep Teaching and Planning , Natalie from Teachery Tidbits, and Chrissy from Buzzing with Mrs. B

Thanks for reading about my little trip to Vegas!  Nothing grand from the top of a roller coaster but just as amazing and insightful!  Also, be on the lookout for some amazing things coming from Mrs. Shipley's Classroom!  Lots of previews of my favorite teachers products and more!  It's going to be awesome!  Teachers Empowering Teachers!

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