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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey Hey Hey...Class Leaders Rock!!!

Today was our awards ceremony and I gave away four Class Leadership awards!  They all got a certificate and a WBT Rule #5 button.  One student was recognized for her amazing leadership because she always motivated the class, followed the rules to a T....often correcting me if I did something backwards...and was just all around a WBT DIVA!!!  You will recognize her in the picture! :)

Congratulations to my awesome WBT Class Leaders!

Power to the Teachers
Farrah Shipley
WBT Kindergarten

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well, Well, Well....we may have some new power pix ideas!

I am so impressed each and every day with the amazing ability that my kinders are showing!  They are so enthusiastic and love WBT!  They love making videos and showing off for the world and love for me to read the comments that are left on our videos!  Well today was no different!

Yesterday I introduced double digit addition with no regrouping!  Yes...IN KINDERGARTEN!  With no power pix for this concept..I had to come up with gestures and answer to the question:  What is our double digit addition rule? 

Answer:  Our double digit addition rule is:  Draw a ladder down the middle and start with the ones place! 

I know simple huh?  So they pretty much got the concept within 10 minutes are were adding double digits on paper like speed racers!!  So today I reviewed our double digit addition rule and then...oh yes fellow teachers...I asked a new question:

What is our double digit subtraction rule?
Answer:  Our double digit subtraction rule is the SAME as our double digit addition just subtract!

I know right...and here comes the funny part!  After we went through the entire teaching sequence for of my super smarties says..."but Mrs. Shipley...why do we need two rules if they are the same?"

I thought...OMJJB (oh my ju ju bees)!!!  How amazingly smart!!!  So I asked:

"How can we make these two rules into one rule?"

This was the overwhelming response:

Question:  What is our double digit addition and subtraction rule?
Answer:  Our double digit addition and subtraction rule is:  Draw a ladder down the middle and start with the ones place...then add or subtract!

So simple and they came up with it so they got it IMMEDIATELY!  These super smarty kinders can add and subtract double digits! 

Now for those wondering what a "ladder" is!  It is just a line down the middle of the ones and tens place...we call it a ladder because of how we teach carrying...but that is for another lesson!  I may actually attempt to introduce carrying to them the end of this week!

Power to the Teachers
Farrah Shipley

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Way to go Kinders!!!! Thank you WBT!!!!

On behalf of my kinders and I, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Whole Brain Teaching for an amazing year!  WBT you rock!  My kinders scored the HIGHEST that this second kinder class have ever scored!  PROOF that WBT is the bomb!  Because my school groups kids based on academic level my classroom is often labeled low performing.  Not because they are not smart kids but because the learn at a much slower pace and many still need to do some major maturing and have behavior issues!  Regardless...this is my second year in this kinder class and on average before I was put in there, they scored in the 70th percentile nationally or LOWER on areas of phonics, listening comprehension, and math.  However, last years class brought the bar up and scored in the 95th percentile in phonics/reading, 80th percentile in math, and 70th percentile in comprehension (this was amazing because it had been in the 50's).  THIS YEARS CLASS blew them out of the water!  99th percentile on phonics/reading (the highest you can score), 98th percentile on Math, and Comprehension was 94th percentile!!!!!!  We even managed to outscore the other kinder class in 3 of the 6 areas, tied in 2 and only scored 1% lower on another.  I am soooooooooo very proud of them and we all want to say a great big thank you to WBT!  It is amazing how WBT has transformed me into the teacher I am and created a fun, exciting learning environment for these kids.  WBT teaching helped me prove that these kids are SUPER SMARTIES and beyond their cry for attention lies the next EINSTEIN!!!!  These kids have the world ahead of them and the sky is the limit!  They were scored as being on mid 1st grade level and above :)!  How awesome!!!  It isn't their teacher either...they worked super hard...gave me 100%....and WBT did the rest :)!

Now...I challenged them right after Christmas.  Because (imagine a because slapper here) I teach in a predominantly African-American school...the little girls are always giving me a hard time about my hair!  They love playing with my hair and touching it!!!  It really is cute!  They are always telling me that I need to get it braided!  So I challenged them after Christmas that if they scored higher than ever on the state testing....Mrs. Shipley would get her hair braided!  Well..they kept their end of the bargain so I kept mine!

Yes...that is me...with my hair braided AND BEADS!!!!  I actually like it LOL!  So we will see what they think tomorrow morning!  I will have to take a picture and post after I get to school in the morning!

Well WBTeers,  keep up the amazing work...finish the year strong..and hope to see each and every one of you at the conference!

Power to the Teachers,
Farrah Shipley

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Video....OH YEAH!!!!!!!

So with the year winding down and only 11 days left in the school is time to start wrapping it up and packing down our classrooms for summer renovations.  After the past several weeks of live broadcasts and work with the lesson plan format and the brain toys this video shows our results!  One of the biggest myths of WBT is that it takes an over the top energetic bouncing off the walls and loud teaching style.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  I am a naturally LOUD and bubbly person especially in my classroom.  This video shows that even with my kindergarteners I can take the intensity from one end of the spectrum to the other...all in a single lesson!  Enjoy WBTeers! :)

Power to the Teachers!

Farrah Shipley

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brain Toys

This week proved very interesting in our classroom!  My kiddos, with only 15 days left in school, have gotten anxious and restless.  However, WBT to the rescue.  I upped our usage of the because slapper and then added the "give me more".  We added the adder and and watched their little brains and language explode.  It was amazing.  We also introduced the VOLUME-O-Meter to our board with five levels of noise.  I have a little magnet lips that I moved up and down during teaching so that the kids had to move from totally silent teaching with gestures only to FRENZY teaching!  All in the same lesson!  It has been amazing.  These last 15 days of school are going to be awesome!  I am hoping to get a video of the brain toys this next week and also a video showing the different levels of energy that can be used when teaching WBT.  You don't have to be bouncing off the walls like me in order to teach WBT.  Anyone can do it! :)

Power to the teachers!
Farrah Shipley

Monday, May 2, 2011

Procedures Procedures Procedures

An interesting question was posed on the forum so I thought I would share my thoughts.

Procedures vs Management

Well...procedures are part of management in my opinion. Here are the things that we have "procedures" for in my kindergarten.

Body's up (they repeat Body's up up up...and I count to 5. They should be standing with chairs pushed in by the end of 5)

Seats (seats seats seats...count to 5 and they should be seated and scooted up in 5)

Pencil/Erasers(they repeat Pencil/Eraser Pencil/Eraser Pencil/Eraser and I count to 10...they should have their pencils and erasers out and pencil box back in desk facing forward by the count of 10..and yes Kinders can do this)

Passing papers out (I give a stack at the end of each row and say papers...they repeat papers papers papers and I count to 10...they have to have them all passed out by 10)

Passing papers in (I tell them right or left and say papers..they say papers papers papers and I count to 10)

Supplies away (Supplies away away away...count to 10 and their pencil/eraser must be away by the end of 10 count..for other supplies that may be out I add 5 seconds for each supply)

Names on papers once they are passed out (I say Name...they repeat Name Name Name...I count to 10 and they have to have their first name neatly on the name line.)

Date on paper (I say date...they repeat date date date...I count to 10 and they must have coded date ex: 5-2-11 on the date line)

Pencil Sharpened...well I have two baskets one for sharpened pencils, one for broken and dull. There is a green tag and red tag hanging next to them. If the tag is green they may get up and get a pencil any time. If the tag is red they must follow Rule #3 to get up. IT WORKS SOOOOO AWESOME!

Lines (lines lines lines...they line up where ever I have told them to)

Carpet (carpet carpet carpet...they move to the carpet quickly and quietly waiting for the next instruction)

Sitting on the carpet (Criss cross..they say criss cross while crossing right leg over left...Applesauce...they say applesauce while dropping to the ground.)

Getting folders or books out of desk (I say folders/books/office what ever I want them to get out and they repeat 3 times then I count to 10 and they have to the end of 10 count to get it out)

Ok...that is all I can think of right now...Some think that my classroom looks like boot camp throughout the day but I tell you...they are too busy following the instructions and on task to get into mischief. We don't just move randomly around our classroom...every movement or transition has a purpose.

Now for stuff like kleenex and bathroom...don't really have procedure...just rule LOL!

If I am talking or you are teaching your neighbor you can not go to the bathroom or get a kleenex unless it is an EMERGENCY! Now we had to talk about what an emergency is but they got this idea pretty quick. Sure I still have kids that raise their hand and ask to go to the bathroom when I am teaching but I thank them for using Rule #2 and remind them "not while I am teaching" They know that if it is an emergency they can get up and go without asking...I really don't have any that abuse this rule!

Power to the Teachers

Farrah Shipley