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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 2....Work Areas and Bulletin Boards

Well today was a very productive day.  First was trip to the service center to do some laminating!!!  That part is is the cutting out that is a pain in the behind lovely joy!  That's what teenagers are for right?

Then it was back to my classroom to do some rearranging and start putting up some boards and focus walls.  Below are the pictures I took today at the end of my work day.

Technology Station!  I am very blessed to be the only teacher to have a student computer in the classroom!  I begged and begged for this and I used to have 4 but now I am down to only 1!  I am holding onto this for dear life!

The makings of my personal area and my small group instruction area!  It is a disaster at the moment!  I got rid of that clunker of a teacher desk and went down to much better!!!  I am working on some alternative seating ideas for the kids....don't really know what I am going to come up with but I am watching and searching other blogs for ideas!!!  Got some?  Post 'em below!

WBT ATTENTION!!!!  This is the Power Pix wall!  The red is for math and the blue for language arts.  I will be working on getting the grid up soon...but you can see they are pretty big.  The language arts is a bit bigger than the math because we have more LA Power Pix than Math in 1st grade that we will be using.  The grid will go across the entire board however and rows down only one side.  So it is like one big board divided into halves.

Calander and Morning Meeting area!  I used one of my white boards for this.  I will be putting a Math focus wall to the right for other anchor charts that we will be using in Math.  Our math manipulative area is just to the right of this picture and will be the Math Work Station area.  The yellow post it notes are just to tell me what goes in that area of the board...I am a post-it planner :)!

I haven't decided if I am going to paint all my baskets yet.  This is our Work Station Check Out!  Students will look at our Work Stations chart and find the station they should be at.  Then they will go get their  basket with their partner and find the area of the room they will be working in.  This allows me to use so many other resources for each station regardless of the actual work station for that day.  For example:  One week my Word Work Station may need the overhead in their activity.  In this case I would just have them work near the board with their station.  

This will be my Book Nook!  So excited for this little area.  I am thinking about building a tree...perhaps a little hut type area for the students to get in...really working on the design right now...but it will be AWESOME!!!

This is my writing station!  I have the little desk that the students can sit at to write as well as mailboxes for each of the students that will primarily be for their graded work but they can send each other letters.  I don't have all my "writing" supplies in the station's all a work in progress.  That door you see is the door that will separate me and my darling hubby! :)  I am so excited to be team teaching with him this year!

Well that's it for today!  It took a lot to get all this done! I spent about 3 hours in my classroom and don't feel like I made even a dent.  But I did have to go through a lot of trash and throw a whole bunch of stuff away!  Ok...onto planning!



  1. I loved seeing your pictures! I feel blessed to be able to say I have 4 student computers and a vtech station (I am one of the few teachers to still have a TV). Also, I am trying to decide what to do with my area and add a small group instruction area. Due to large class size, last year, we just met on the floor or at whatever table wasn't being used at the time. I have tried to do w/o a teacher desk before and it was a disaster! I don't sit there, I just pile things there that I can tend to at the end of the day. It ends up just being a "catch all" also, I still need a place for "my" computer. Still debating on what to do. Can't get into my room to work for another week probably.

  2. HI!! I am your newest follower. I would love to have you stop by my blog sometime.


  3. Kay I totally understand! That is really all my teacher desk had become. I now have my computer behind the small group instruction table and I will have some storage and organizing shelves or baskets for stuff I need to do. Trying to cut down on the catch all mountain!

    April!!! Thanks for becoming a follower! Hope you find lots of interesting information! I am hopping over to check out your blog! :0)

  4. Farrah,
    I love seeing what you are up to! I have used WBT in my room for three years! My power pics focus wall also has a grid for the pics. I am excited to incorporate them into my owl-themed classroom this year. We decided that our favorite power pic this past year was the one for "we"! Bet you can guess why :)Stop by and see me sometime!

    Maggie’s Kinder Corner

  5. Maggie,
    Thanks for visiting! I just posted a Owl themed long vowel unit on my TPT store! You should check it out!
    Wib On!