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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Showoff Saturday

Good morning friends!  Yes I said Good Morning!  I am up early this morning and actually on time with this week's Showoff Saturday!

Let me just say I never imagined how popular this little gem would be!  You all were awesome last week and really showed Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard some love!  Thanks for all the participation and congratulations to the winner! 

This week we are going to be taking a look at probably my VERY BEST TEACHER FRIEND on the planet!  She and I have known each other for about a year and a half online and finally got to meet in person a few weeks ago in VEGAS!  OMG we are like two peas in a pod!  Both Southern Girls and SWEET TEA DRINKERS!  It can't get any better!

Meet Valerie from Georgia Grown Kiddos!!!  She was kind enough to shoot over her R-Controlled Vowel Set for me to review!  Peeps this pack is FABULOUS like a a ice cold glass of Southern Sweet Tea on a 104 degree day!  Man...I love it!  Well I could type all day about it but why don't I just let the video do the talking!  Be sure you hang around and sign up after the video for a chance to win this wonderful resource delivered to your door ready to go into your classroom!  Should you want this pack NOW or you really want it digitally as well just follow the link to Valerie's TpT Store where you can purchase it!  Ready....Set.....ACTION!!!!

R-Controlled Vowel Pack in Valerie's Store

Remember to check back Next Week for all the new features!  Also, I will be blogging tomorrow and joining some of my blogging friends in a blogging hop that you will not want to miss!

Come back tomorrow for the big HOP!  Thanks friends!  

Remember to watch my FB page for updates to see what is coming up on Mrs. Shipley's Classroom!  

Monday:  Monday Madness
Tuesday:  Tuned In Tuesday
Wednesday:  WBT Wednesday with Mrs. Shipley (submit your questions on the right)
Thursday:  Thrifty Thursday
Friday:  Freaky Friday
Saturday: Saturday Showoff
Sunday:  A DAY TO REST (but I announce weekly winners this day)

See ya on the flip side!


  1. I can't wait to hug BOTH of you in Vegas next year! HAHA...PSS...Today 1st day with kiddos...WE ROCKED OUR WBT!!! The best start I've had in YEARS! THANK YOU! SO fun! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  2. Love Valerie!! Love her products!! Hope I win. Love you was so fun to meet both of you in Vegas.

    Terri Izatt

  3. New teacher and need all the help I can get. Love the idea of winning something I could really use! Thanks for sharing, Farrah!

  4. So all through the video I was responding to you like if you were in the room with me! R controlled vowels really ARE so hard to teach! I love the flexibility and range of the activities. There are so many different recording can work for two weeks in centers for practice before they would need to start the pages again! I can have then in a sheet protector and let them write with an Expo! :) About a minute in I decided I needed it. By the end of the video I decided to just get it myself! I entered the contest before I watched--so if I am the random winner...Please select someone else to win this! :) I will miss you laminating for me....but I am really excited to have this and use it! :) What a wonderful time saver! :) Thank you Farrah....and Val too, of course!!! :)

  5. I agree, Valerie is fabulous! Love your video, too! I hope I win, can't find enough stuff for those tricky r controlled vowels!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  6. I'd love to win this pack. You're right, firsties do have trouble with r-controlled vowels and all the differentiated and varied activities will help all levels.

  7. This is such a great resource to have in our toolkits!! I LOVED your video, and those r-controlled vowels are so tricky!! Would love to win this raffle and start using it this year!! Thanks so much!!

    Warmest Wishes,


    Kindergarten Dragons