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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Two Stars and a Wish

Hello friends!  This week I am joining my blogging buddies for a Two Stars and a Wish link up party!

This was a fabulous idea and I knew with the BTS season in swing I had to join in!  This link up is going to include Two Star BTS Ideas and a Wish for my BTS season!

Let's Get Started!

Lesson Plans are probably my biggest dread each week!  Last year I realized that many bloggers were doing visual lesson plans!  I this could really make lesson planning more fun for me!  It was also a great way to keep up with exactly what product or resource I was pulling from!  To do visual lesson plans you simply need a digital lesson plan layout and then screen shots of the resources you will be using.  For resources that were not digital, I took a picture of the resource and then just cropped the picture in preview and added it to my lesson plan template in Power Point!  All of a sudden, lesson plans were quick and easy and I could print them out and put into my binder for quick reference!  There were a lot of times that I didn't have time to "READ" the detailed lesson plans I had written out and I needed to just glance at a picture of the cover on my visual plans and I remembered exactly what I was supposed to be working on!  FABULOUS TIME SAVER and well let's just admit it...we all love looking at those fabulous visual plans that others share on their blogs!  


Keep reading for a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Organization is something that I strive for but always struggle with!  I don't know how many times I have tried to keep up with all my materials in my small groups!  Well let me tell you Pinterest is full of ideas but one of my favorites comes from Mel D. over at Seusstastic Classroom Inpirations!  

This girl has it going on now!  You really should check out the amazing ideas from Mel D. for keeping your Guided Reading Groups organized!  AMAZING! 

But don't hop over there just yet!  KEEP READING!

One wish?  That is all...well I wish for world peace! OK..I know that isn't the focus of this post...well then I wish for every teacher to walk into calm, smiling and energetic faces the first day of school with no issues and no DRAMA!  I wish that all teachers were prepared for for the first day with all their lesson plans ready and materials ready.  I WISH that SUMMER WASN'T ALMOST OVER!

Here's dreaming right!  Well I do have a wish for myself and a goal this year starting with BTS!  I am wishing that I am able to have my visual lesson plans done early each week for the following week and they are cute yet functional and ready to help me stay organized!  I am off to a good start.  I want all those who want to jump into visual lesson plans to get off on the right foot as well so please visit my store and download this amazing FREEBIE Digital Template for your visual lesson plans! Just add text boxes where you need them and get started inserting those images of resources!  


Should you want an entire EDITABLE Planner to do your visual lesson plans and keep other important classroom information check out my Teacher Lesson Planners!  Lots of themes and colors!

I hope that everyone has a great Back to School!  If you enjoyed this amazing link up and these amazing ideas please join me on Facebook, Instagram and TpT for more fabulous resources!

Please join me and my fellow bloggers and check below for some more FABULOUS Back 2 School Ideas!


  1. I've been wanting to try visual lesson plans too! I'm thinking I'll try it to see whether or not I like it :) You don't know, if you don't try, right? Thanks for sharing your template! It's just what I was looking for to help me get started!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

  2. I just might have to start doing visual plans. I was thinking it would be more time consuming, but now I'm thinking it would just be more fun!

    Sally from Elementary Matters